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A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime (MWA Presents: Classics) - Jeffery Deaver, Jeffery Deaver
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Jeffery Deaver, Jeffery Deaver:

A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime (MWA Presents: Classics) - edizione con copertina flessibile

2004, ISBN: 1549707078

[SR: 1830737], Paperback, [EAN: 9781549707070], Independently published, Independently published, Book, [PU: Independently published], Independently published, TEMPERS FLARE IN THE HEAT O… Altro …

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Jeffery Deaver:

A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime - edizione con copertina flessibile

ISBN: 9781549707070

Paperback, [PU: Independently Published], TEMPERS FLARE IN THE HEAT OF THE NGHT, Crime, Crime

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Dettagli del libro
A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime (MWA Presents: Classics)

TEMPERS FLARE IN THE HEAT OF THE NGHT… …And the wrong move, the wrong word, even the wrong look can set off any man or woman already driven past their boiling point. A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime, edited by bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, features 20 stories of people not just the torrid weather, but all different kinds of heat. From a retired police chief pitching in on a missing dog report that leads to him solving a murder to a mystery of Southern manners that proves the heat brings out the worst in everybody to a Los Angeles gumshoe who goes to a movie to cool off, but finds a still-warm body inside the theater, these mystery stories all prove that when the temperature rises, anyone can go crazy from the heat, and the most cold-blooded crimes can be committed during the hottest, darkest nights… This volume contains the following award-winning or nominated stories: “Lady on Ice” by Loren D. Estleman, winner of the 2003 Shamus Award for Best Short Story; “Green Heat” by Angela Zeman, selected for The Best American Mystery Short Stories 2004, edited by Nelson DeMille and Otto Penzler; and “War Crimes” by G. Miki Hayden and “Child Support” by Ronnie Klaskin were both nominated

Informazioni dettagliate del libro - A Hot and Sultry Night for Crime (MWA Presents: Classics)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781549707070
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1549707078
Copertina flessibile
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004
Editore: Independently published

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ISBN/EAN: 1549707078

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1-5497-0707-8, 978-1-5497-0707-0

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